Who Am I?

Getting pampered is nice, but sometimes getting a spanking is even better.

Hello everyone! My name is Mercedes, and I will be your “all natural” (hairy) companion and true lover during our time together. I am of mixed race, being mostly Black and Latina, and stand 5 feet tall with the measurements of 30B-28-34.

I have been exploring my kinky and wild side since I was in my teens and have found out the sweet inner workings that makes me tick, as well as discovered the type of ideal partner with whom to share these findings with.

As such, I am very open minded, and seek to explore the unexplainable quirks that turns us on. The stuff best kept as a secret, the likes of which most don’t share with their most intimate partners. I will not judge you, that is, unless you playfully want me to.  

I love mixing sensuality with kink and fetish, while still cherishing the love that connects all humanity.

My ideal partner respects himself, as well as others, and feels comfortable with his sexuality. Kinks and all. He is also comfortable with letting me take the lead, and understands that sometimes, I like to be lead in turn. He is also not bothered with a little laughter here and there because I can get quite playful.

In turn, I will listen to your needs, and explore through play and sensuality, your most carnal desires. I will be open minded, sweet, sincere, and feisty when needed. I will also treasure you, remember you, and love you in the best way possible.

As you are.

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